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from  Mickey Cox,

The Right Image Photography

To The Southern Paiute Veterans Pow Wow Committee:

Dalton Tom, Harlan Bow and our new administrator:

Shanan Anderson; all whom I have ever had the honor of photographing over the years!

Almost sixteen years ago, 2006, I started doing the photography for The Southern Paiute Veterans Association,
and in 2010 I met with Lucy Spotted Eagle and Dalton Tom for a breakfast to discuss doing a web site for
The Southern Paiute Veterans Association.
We agreed, and the site was born!

It has become a labor of love,
both the photography and building and maintaining the web site over the years,
and meeting a establishing friendships with so many abasadors from many tribal affiliations.

Why do I do what I do? I love the Native American culture,
want to help preserve customs and tradtions,
record the handicrafts and art represented from so many diverse tribal affilations
and family tradtions on each dancer's regalia.
I want to record their art for posterity.

The honor I feel of being allowed into the circle to pursue
the ideal photograph of each dancer's regalia and their skill at dancing
is a joy to me each time I step into the circle of life.
I don't always get the shot I'm after, but it is never for want of trying.

I try to photgraph each dancer from the front, back, left and right sides to capture all of the regalia from each,
and I make sure I always photograph each and every soul that participates for each day.
This includes the wonderful talented drums and singers, the Gourd Dancers and the Grand Entry and Specials
that may happen (with their permission). It is not something you can do from the sides of the circle.

Over the years I have been priviliged to share in the sorrow of the loss with all of you
of Leroy Spotted Eagle, and recently our beloved Lucy Spotted Eagle whom both are now
in the presence of Godfather together.
I have been honored to see young 'tiny tots' grow into your adults and champion dancers,
have seen faces change towards me from one of cautious skepticism
to broad smiles of trust and acceptance while doing my photography.
I truly have watched many of you grow up, a rare privilege to me.

I have always taken steps to ensure that the photographs I take are not used anywhere else
except on this specific site, and under no circumstances have ever distributed in any form
other than to the committee for records.

I thank each of those I have photographed, those of the committee, staff, dancers, singers, drums and visitors
I have met over the years. The experience and privilege extended to me has been awesome.
I hope I serve each of you well.

September, 2022





November 2-3, 2019 ~~ 28th Annual Southern Paiute Veterans Pow Wow

=   HEAD STAFF for 2019   =

Spiritual Leader - Selected Each Day

Master of Ceremonies
Tyson Eagle Voice Shay
Shoshone Bannock / Paiute
Ft. Hall, ID.

Arena Director
Hank Johnson
Reno Sparks Indian Colony

Hungry Valley, Nv.

Lead Gourd Dancer
Richard Vigil
Jicarilla Apache
Morgan, CA.

Host Northern Drum
- War Horse
Lead Singer
Damien Bear

Host Southern Drum
Southern Soul
Lead Singer
Rance Redhouse



Thank each of you for attending and adding your style to our drums!!

Sound System by:
Desert Sound Audio ~ Jeremy McCabe ~ Las Vegas, Nv.

Photography by Mickey Cox ~ The Right Image ~ Las Vegas, Nevada



November 4-5, 2017

If you just missed the 26th Annual Southern Paiute Veterans Pow Wow,
again you missed an outstanding Pow Wow. They just keep getting better!

This year, the 26th Annual Southern Paiute Veterans Pow Wow Primary Sponsor
was AGAIN the Moapa Band of Paiutes who funded the entire Pow Wow.
The Pow Wow Committee and along with Lucy SpottedEagle
and Dalton Tom officiated and organized all the elements
to come together into a successful Pow Wow.

There were moderate temperatures and nice skys for all those taking photos,
and dancers from many regions visited to compete in all dance categories.
Vendors of jewelry, food, and other items of interest were well represented.
The Pow Wow was well attended by out of towners and many locals also.



November 5-6, 2016

If you just missed the 25th Annual Southern Paiute Veterans Pow Wow,
and you have missed others, you again, have missed a great experience.

This year, the 25th Annual Southern Paiute Veterans Pow Wow Primary Sponsor
was the Moapa Band of Paiutes who funded the entire Pow Wow. Each of us were blessed
with just fabulous weather, with bright blue skys, and unseasonably warm weather
After last years improvements with the turf and other items, the Circle of Life was just
excellent for dancing, with good solid turf, beautiful grass and established plants and trees.
A very pleasing visual grounds with good lighting, and solar is in the works for power supply
for the coming year, helping keep this Pow Wow, "Green".

This year, like so many of the past years, we had great attendence with peoples from
many nations in attendence.

Excellent sound was provided by Jeremy McCabe
There were a large assortment of food vendors along with many art vendors
offering their finest in Native American jewelry and fare
This year Pow Wow as always, tribute was paid to Veterans,
who have served their country in one form of military service or another, and there were
at least 67 veterans that took part of the Veterans Tribute and presentation on Saturday.
Returning again this year, many of those who served with our own Dalton Tom, his Viet Nam military unit.

Dancers in all groups and ages were represented well, and competition was tough
with all giving their best rendition of the dances they each represented showing their regalia
to the best form with each dance. The heartbeat of the Pow Wow was kept alive by the Visiting Drums
that participated along with our Northern and Southern Host Drums.

This year the Ironman Contest offered a $1000.00 cash prize to the last man standing
and it was a well fought battle for the title, with each participant giving their best and all!

This writer was given a very honorable mention and tribute by War Horse and an Eagle Whistle
blown by Josie Sands, in my behalf from the passing of my father, and as a tribute to me for the years
I have been a proud participant in this Pow Wow.

I was and am truly honored to have been honored is such a way, and know that my father was
probably dancing in the Circle of LIfe, if he could have been seen! The honor is something I will never forget
and I thank Lucy Spottedeagle and Dalton Tom and all of the Committee Members along with Josie Sands,
the Eagle Whistle carrier who blew the whistle and War Horse with their groupd lead singer Damien Bear
who performed the honor song, and all those in attendence, and Grandfather, for allowing me these few
moments during this Pow Wow. I was, and am, humbled, by the experience, and show of love from each of you.

If you missed this Pow Wow, don't cheat yourself next year



November 7-8, 2015

If you just missed the 24th Annual Southern Paiute Veterans Pow Wow, you missed a great experience.

Since last year, the Pow Wow Grounds have been totally reconfigured, new turf, new lighting, new walk-ways,
with permanent canopies, first class landscaping within the Arena, along with new trees, and even a "pet park"
with grass and fenced for security. The parking area has been graded and leveled with chit, and is almost as smooth
as blacktop, no more large rocks to navigate with your vehicles or feet. Extra large parking areas are afforded
for those with large campers, and to add icing to an already good cake, so to speak, they have a permanent stage
area set up for handling large bands or venues, that may be booked for entertainment in the future, and this year
inaugural use for the Pow Wow, the group INDIGENOUS performed Saturday evening during break bringing their own
signature to the blues and jazz they presented. I cannot stress enough how great the improvments are. There will be
photographs around this site showing off some of them, but too many to capture with just pictures.

Lucy Spottedeagle and Dalton Tom along with The Pow Wow Committee, and the Moapa Travel Plaza,
used their combined resources to fund this improvement and the entire project was designed with the
talents of Grey Anderson, and Terry Bohle of the Moapa Business Enterprises, along with oversight by Lane Parry.
Many hands from the Moapa Band of Paiutes contributed to this enterprise, and everyone that helped bring this
wonderful improvement to fruition deserves a large and appreciated round of applause for a job that can only be
described as near perfection. These grounds/arena will be the seeds for the future growth of the
Southern Paiute Veterans Pow Wow and with the new design will handle the growth easily each year into the future.

And that is just talking about the grounds and improvements! The Pow Wow could not have had better weather,
beautiful blue skies both Saturday and Sunday, mostly calm winds, temperature 65/72 degrees.
The vendors were first class, most of them returning from the prior years and could be considered as an
integral part of this Pow Wow. There was food, sweets, bar-b-que, snow cones, fry bread, Navajo Tacos,
just about anything you would want to find at a well vended Pow Wow. Arts and Crafts were well represented
by many vendors offering some of the best of the craftsmanship of the Southwest and Native American Jewelry.
This year Pow Wow was again a tribute to Veterans who have served their country in one form of military service
or another, and there were at least 88 veterans that took part of the Veterans Tribute, and many of those who served
with our own Dalton Tom, his military unit that was truly a "Band of Brothers" during the Viet Nam war. and returned
again this year to renew friendships and participate with Dalton and present him with a gift from the group.

Dancers were well represented in all groups and ages and competition was tough with all giving their best
rendition of the dances they each represented within their group and age, the heartbeat of the Pow Wow kept
alive by the Drums that participated along with our Northern and Southern Host Drums.

If you missed this Pow Wow, don't cheat yourself next year for the TWENTY-FIFTH ANNUAL



November 5, 2014

The 23rd Annual Southern Paiute Veterans Pow Wow is now to be remembered as a very successful Pow Wow,
marked especially poignant by the gathering of Veterans from all walks, but especially a group of Veterans who
came together to reunite as a unit from the Viet Nam War, all whom served together with Dalton Tom,
survivors who served their tour together as a unit in Viet Nam, who over the years have had a few opportunities
to meet again, and this time traveled from across the United States to help Dalton Tom and the Southern Paiute Veterans
celebrate another year of the Southern Paiute Veterans Pow Wow by joining with him, and other Veterans,
to celebrate their reunion. It was a joyous time, with a few tears of joy shed, as they participated this time
with Dalton, and for many this was their first Pow Wow.

Saturday, the first day was a cloudy, windy, briskly cold day, but the weather was not a match for the participants
who came to Pow Wow, and did so as if it was just another sunny day in Las Vegas. Sunday, the weather cleared
and we all enjoyed blue skys, calm breezes and large fluffy beautiful clouds with lots of sunshine.

The Pow Wow was directed by Mike Natchees with the arena being marshalled by Alex Shepherd, and our
Head Gourd Dancer, Rick Gray, who also served as our Spiritual Leader.

Our Host Nortern Drum was War Horse, and the Host Southern Drum was Southern Soul, and we had three
Guest Drums also, all contributing equally to a great sound and singing for the Pow Wow.

The Iron Man Contest was 30 songs long, and the last two standing split the proceeds! The Ironman finalists
were Quannah Henry and Amos Yazzie IV. Mike Natchees the Master of Ceremonies said they danced
so long they wore out the singers!

Ironmen 2014
Quannah Henry & Amos Yazzie IV
Dead Heat TIE!!

Contest Winners for the Dance Categories are now posted, our Sponsor Page is up to date, the Veterans Gallery
for 2014 is now posted along with the entire 2014 gallery of photographs for the event.

A SPECIAL, VERY SPECIAL,THANKS, goes out to all that helped bring this Pow Wow to fruition
through their time and financial contributions, all of which helped the Pow Wow Committee,
Dalton Tom and the Southern Paiute Veterans, and Lucy Spottedeagle who invested many hours
to bring once again to Clark County a fantastic, well run, joyful Pow Wow!

All are now making plans for the 2015, 24th Annual Southern Paiute Veterans Pow Wow!





September 22, 2014

Nevada State Seal                            Nevada_150 Logo


SOPVA is honored and proud to announce that the Nevada Sesquicentennial Celebration will be
listing the Southern Paiute Veterans Pow Wow in their Nevada 150 events Calendar,
and will be helping to promote our Pow Wow, as this years Pow Wow is taking place
over the Nevada Day Weekend, our Pow Wow and web site; www.sopva.com,
will be listed on the website at; www.nevada150.org/events-calendar/

We want to personally thank Scott H. Carey, Events and Community Relations Manager Nevada 150,
Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, 401 North Carson Street, Carson City, Nevada 89701,
for helping to make this possible.

See also; www.nevada150.org and www.twitter.com/Nevada_150

A Special, "Thank you" Mr. Carey and to your organization, Nevada 150!





The 2013 22nd Annual Southern Veterans Paiute Pow Wow is now in the history books!

We had GREAT WEATHER all during our event, with a really good crowd of courteous spectators and visitors,
watching the Pow Wow and visiting with our many vendors. Our dancer and Drum participation was excellent,
and overall the entire Pow Wow ran very smoothly, as we noted from comments from several different people,
both new visitors, and some of our old timers that are here every year

As the web designer and photographer I would heartily agree that Lucy Spottedeagle and Dalton Tom
and the rest of the excellent Pow Wow Committee and the many volunteers who devoted so much of their time
to make this year pow wow another success, succeeded in all their efforts. Everyone knew their duties and job
and executed flawlessly.

We had a great Master of Ceremonies, Alex Shepherd, an Arena Director, Mike Natcheese, whom we could not
have expected more than the greatcontrol and handling of the Circle of Life than he did, all of this team topped off
with the Head Gourd Dancer of Frankie Gray.

Our Host Northern Drum, Wolf Springs with lead singer, Daniel Bullets along with our Host Southern Drum,
Southern Comfort, with lead singer, Millard Clark set the pace for the pow wow.

If you missed this year Pow Wow, you owe it to yourself not to let it happen again next year, for our 23rd Annual
2014 Southern Paiute Veterans Pow Wow!

We thank all who did attend this year and hope to see each and everyone of you again next year!

The contest winners photographs ARE UP and available on the Gallery Page, along with the 2013 Gallery
of the Pow Wow, from start to finish.

We have a new Southern Paiute Veterans Princess for the year 2013-2014, Miss MARIA LUISA CASTILLO,
and we congratulate her on her crowning. Visit the Royalty Page, linked below to see some of her photographs!
We also extend our heartfelt thanks to our Princess for the past TWO years, Miss DELAYNA KIRSTEN ENAS
and the excellent job she has done representing this Pow Wow!

This is a link to the Princess Paegeant forms available on our Permits page.
You may download this form so that you may print it and send it in.




The 2012 21st Annual Southern Veterans Paiute Pow Wow

With this past week-end, November 3rd and 4th, the close of our 21st Annual Southern Paiute Veterans Pow Wow
completes another successful and joyous Pow Wow, marked by the memory and tributes to some of our dearly
recently departed friends and loved ones.

Notably Our Beloved Leroy Spotted Eagle, our very good friend David Chavez, and one of our favorite dancers
and loved friends Cory Kanosh.

Despite the fact that Lucy Spotted Eagle was not able to attend having recently received a new kidney
and recovering at home, Dalton Tom and the entire Pow Wow Committee carried on with expertise gained
from years of doing great Pow Wows and due to all of their efforts the Pow Wow concluded without any problems
and goes into the history books as another success in a long line of great Pow Wows.

Many thanks are extended to the Head Staff who also contributed to the overall success of this years Pow Wow,
especially Rick Gray as our MC along with his team mate our Arena Director Glenn Rogers.

No Pow Wow would be a Pow Wow without the Drums and our Pow Wow was blessed to have some of the best,
Red Storm, Southern Soul and Eagle Rib

We are already planning our 22nd Annual Southern Paiute Veterans Pow Wow!

All photographs for our 2012 Gallery are now posted and this year 2012 Dance Category Winners are also now

Our 2012 Roving Photographer's selected photographs are now posted along with postings for our
Veterans Gallery for 2012! We are still working on the 2012 Vendors Gallery, so check back soon!

To all of those who attended and participated, our Thanks to YOU,
Each of you helped make this year Pow Wow a great event!!








Our 2011 20th Anniversary Pow Wow,

A Commeorative Pow Wow,

Especially Dedicated to:

Lery Spotted Eagle

Now in the history books!

Many people, in addition to the Pow Wow Committee, helped make this Dedication Pow Wow
a very special Pow Wow

Lucy Spotted Eagle, widow of Leroy Spotted Eagle, carried on in the finest tradition of her late husband,
co-ordinating tirelessly with the members of The Committe and The Southern Paiute Veterans Honor Guard
and our Generous Sponsors, to bring forth a wonderful, joyful, successful Pow Wow!

Val Shadowhawk kept the Pow Wow flowing as the very able Master of Ceremonies, working hand in hand
with the expertise of Charley Bullets as this years Arena Director. A very good combination that worked well for all.
Rick Gray again was with us this year as our Head Gourd Dancer and had members of his family including his father.

Of course the heartbeat of the Pow Wow are the Drums and along with our Host Southern Drum Southern Soul
and our Host Northern Drum, Red Storm, we also had Eagle Rib and Red House.

This Pow Wow was well attended by all of those that could make the journey to help say good-bye
to our Spiritual Leaderand friend, Leroy Spotted Eagle, and during the course of the Pow Wow there
were several "specials" dedicated to him and his surviving family. Grateful thanks go out to each of you!

As of right now, our 2011 Pow Wow Gallery is now online and available for your viewing. This Gallery alone
contains about 1100 photographs, all from this special 2011 Pow Wow, and may be viewed through HERE
or our Gallery Page or can be accesed through the link at the bottom of this page.





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