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= 28th Annual

Southern Paiute Veterans Pow Wow

Dance Category Contest Winners

The Committee Gratefully Acknowledges
Your Efforts and Participation

= = = Each of You, Help Make Our Pow Wow Possible = = =


= 2019 = DANCE Contest Winners = 2019 =





= = NOTE: Contest Winners Place Holders are left to right: 3rd, 2nd, and 1st = =


Junior Girls Fancy

The Winners ARE
Raelynn Yellowhorse
Keely Helen Bedonie


Junior Girls Jingle

The Winners ARE
Natanni Nakai
Shi Lovey Bitsoie
Miahlynn Polacca


Junior Girls Traditional

The Winners ARE
Kenna Kooyaquaptewa
Phoenix Sky Cottrelle
Dakota Bedonie


Junior Boys Grass

The Winners IS
Omar Apodaca


Junior Boys Fancy

The Winners ARE
Lathan Nakai
Robbie Pruitt
Tyrell Phillips


Junior Boys Traditional

The Winners IS
Sheldon Nakkai


Teen Girls Fancy

The Winners ARE
Ginina Tso
Kelly Yazzie
Reyna Salazar


Teen Girls Jingle

The Winners ARE
Dominique Yazzie
Shaylisse Johnson
Ruthee Baker


Teen Girls Traditional

The Winners ARE
Lexus Pruitt
Lily Flores
Jade Bedonia


Teen Boys Grass

The Winners ARE
Nate Nakai
Trent Singer
Bodie Nordwall


Teen Boys Fancy

The Winners ARE
Trae Judd
Darius Etsitty


Teen Boys Traditional

The Winners ARE
Ethan Nakai
Makiva Denny
Tyler Eriacho


Adult Women's Fancy

The Winners ARE
Felisha Chischillie
Shaneesha Mountainsheep
Danielle Bear


Adult Women's Jingle

The Winners ARE
Tika Johnson
Kerriebah Bedonie
Stephanie Nordwall


Adult Women's Traditional

The Winners ARE
Moneek Denny
Nichole Nordwall
Shaundeen Buffalo


Adult Men's Grass

The Winners ARE
A. D. Stevens
Jamall-Isaac Jones
Adam Nordwall


Adult Men's Fancy

The Winner ARE
Amos Yazzie Jr.
Lane Neaman
Sean Snyder


Adult Men's Traditional

The Winners IS
Roderick Redhouse


Senior Adult Mens Grass

The Winner IS
Jerald Kanosh


Senior Men's Adult Fancy Bustle

The Winners ARE
Charles Eisenberger
Amos Yazzie


Senior Men's Adult Traditional

The Winners ARE
Al Bedonie
Ambrose Redhouse


Senior Adult Womens Fancy



Senior Adult Women's Jingle

The Winners IS
Thomisata Mountain Sheep


Senior Adult Women's Traditional

The Winners ARE
Mary Thomas (not pictured)
Shanan Anderson
Raquel Bear


Women's Golden Age

The Winners ARE
Rena Brown
Nana Manson
Charlene Redner


Men's Golden Age

The Winners ARE
Emerson Nakai
Farron Kanosh
Ronnis Ahboah


Arena Director

Hank Johnson
Reno-Sparks Indian Colony


Desert Sound Audio 2019

They Are
Jeremy McCabe


Southern Paiute Veterans Princess 2019-2020

She IS
Tawvoots Spute


Master Of Ceremonies

Tyson Eaglevoice Shay
Shoshone Bannock/Paiute
Ft. Hall, ID.


Dalton Tom

Southern Pauite
Veterans Association
Las Vegas, Nevada


Lucy Spotted Eagle

She IS
THE SOPVA Secretary
& THE Pow Wow Coordinator
Las Vegas, Nevada


Head Gourd Dancer Head Gourd Dancer
Richard Vigil
Jicarilla Apache
Las Vegas, Nevada


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Pow Wow 2019

Head Man & Head Woman

For Saturday & Sunday

Ethan Nakai & Moneek Denny                         Adam Nordwall & Stephanie Nordwall


Pow Wow 2019



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