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SOPVA Pow Wow Galleries

War Horse, 2019

WAR HORSE, Host Northern Drum, 2019 ~ Lead Singer: Damien Bear

Veterans Gallery

Veterans Line Up is now posted of photographs taken during the Honoring of our Veterans for the 2019 Pow Wow.

- 2022 Veterans Presentation Not Yet Available -
- 2021 Veterans Presentation (Pow Wow Not Held) -
- 2020 Veterans Presentation (Pow Wow Not Held) -
- 2019 Veterans Presentation -
- 2018 Veterans Presentation -
- 2017 Veterans Presentation -
- 2016 Veterans Presentation -
- 2015 Veterans Presentation -
- 2014 Veterans Presentation -
- 2012 Veterans Presentation -
- 2011 Veterans Presentation -
- 2010 Veterans Presentation -


Each year's Primary Pow Wow Gallery and Veterans Presentations listings consist of pages of thumbnails, 15/20 to a page.
AND a seperate page for a higher resolution image.

If you would like to see a higher resolution image of the current year thumbnail, just click that thumbnail.
You will be taken to the individual picture you chose.

At the top of the larger image is a small drawing of a "house",
clicking on the "house" will take you back to the thumbnail page you just came from.

You also have the option of forward and back arrows at the bottom of the thumbnail pages
and you will also be able to use forward and back arrows at the bottom of the highter resolution pages
to enable you to page through all of the pages of thumbnails or larger images pages for the current year.

NOTE: The option to view "larger" images of any particular year Gallery or Veterans Presentation
is only available for a very limited time each year.
After that time "thumbnails" ONLY will be available to view.

This is to protect from unauthorized usage of higher resolution images.

If you click on the "thumbnail" after that limited time of the current year
you will be taken to a blank page which you may return to the "thumbnails".


Usage of Photographs: "Veterans Presentations" AND "Galleries" and all posted images

SUBJECTS may copy and download/print their own photographs where available

Please RESPECT THE PRIVACY AND SUBJECTS of these photographs;


or ANY other web site

without the prior expressly written permission of the photographer and © holder!


These "Galleries" and "Veterans Presentations" along with all images posted on this site
are intended only for exlcusive use and display in their current format.
Individual pages of the "Galleries" and "Veterans Presentations" MAY NOT be altered as composited and posted,
including all data/text on each page of the "Gallery" and "Veterans Presentations".
Usage and displays are intended only for The Southern Paiute Veterans Pow Wow, for exclusive use only on this current web site: WWW.SOPVA.COM.
These "Galleries" and "Veterans Presentations" and various images posted hereon, MAY NOT be distributed to other associated sites now, or in the future,
or used in any print media without the prior expressly written permission from the photographer and © holder.

From time to time there may be photographs posted from various photographers and will be noted and credited when used.
These usage restrictions apply to all.

Thank you for your consideration and observance of our Usage Restrictions,
it protects all of us!


The Gallery for 2019 IS NOW POSTED!

Incuding the 2019 Galleries, there are over 15 thousand photographs to enjoy!

Our 2020 & 2021 Pow Wow were cancelled due to COVID
Galleries for 2022 will be posted shortly after the Pow Wow!

We hope you enjoy our Galleries!

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2020 none

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Gallery 2022 Not Yet Available

Southern Soul 2019

SOUTHERN SOUL, Host Southern Drum, 2019 ~ Lead Singer: Rance Redhouse

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